10 Amazing Camper Christmas Decorations for a Festive Holiday

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re eagerly searching for unique ways to bring the festive cheer to your cozy camper. This task can seem daunting, given the limited space that RVs offer.

In this article, we have carefully curated ten enchanting Christmas decoration ideas that are not only compact but also absolutely splendid. Get ready, it’s time to transform your camper into a charming winter wonderland!

Key Takeaways

  • Pop up Christmas trees are compact and easy to set up, bringing a holiday look to your camper.
  • Window clings are reusable stickers that add festive designs to your camper’s windows without leaving residue.
  • Hanging garland inside your camper creates a cozy atmosphere, while small lights add a festive glow.
  • Small decorative pillows and a felt board sign with seasonal greetings make your space feel warm and personalized.

Festive RV Christmas Decorations

Add some festive cheer to your camper this Christmas with these amazing decorations.

Pop Up Christmas Tree

A pop-up Christmas tree is a great choice for your camper. It’s easy to set up and store away. This tree can be a small or big size. You can find it in different colors too, like green, white and blue.

Decorate the tree with shiny baubles and lights. Your camper will have a real holiday look!

Interchangeable Rustic Holiday Wreath

The interchangeable rustic holiday wreath is a great option for adding a festive touch to your camper. This type of wreath allows you to easily change out the decorations based on the season or holiday.

You can customize it with different ornaments, ribbons, and other decorative elements to suit your style. Hang it on the door of your camper or use it as a centerpiece inside. It’s a versatile and fun way to bring some holiday cheer to your camping experience.

Reflective Christmas Car Magnets

One festive way to decorate your camper for Christmas is by using reflective Christmas car magnets. These magnets can easily be placed on the exterior of your vehicle, adding a touch of holiday cheer as you travel.

The reflective material not only adds visual appeal but also enhances visibility, making it safer for you and other drivers on the road. You can find a variety of designs like snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, and more.

Simply attach them to your camper or car doors and let them sparkle in the sunlight while spreading holiday joy wherever you go.

Christmas Tablecloth

A Christmas tablecloth is a great way to add a festive touch to your camper’s dining area. It can instantly transform the space and create a cozy holiday atmosphere. Look for tablecloths in fun holiday patterns like snowflakes, holly berries, or Santa Claus.

You can also choose a tablecloth that matches your camper’s color scheme or overall decor theme. The Christmas tablecloth not only adds visual appeal but also protects your dining table from spills and stains during holiday meals and gatherings.

Solar Christmas Lights

Decorating your camper with solar Christmas lights is a great way to add a festive touch without worrying about electricity. These lights use the power of the sun, so you don’t need any outlets or extension cords.

Simply hang them up and let the sunlight charge them during the day. When night falls, they’ll automatically light up and create a beautiful ambiance inside or outside your camper.

Solar Christmas lights are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective since they don’t increase your energy bill. They come in various colors and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect ones for your camper’s holiday decor.

Santa, Snowman, and Reindeer Trio Inflatable

One fun and festive decoration for your camper is the Santa, Snowman, and Reindeer Trio Inflatable. This inflatable display features a jolly Santa Claus, a friendly snowman, and a cute reindeer all together.

It adds a cheerful touch to your outdoor holiday decor. The inflatable is easy to set up – simply plug it in and watch it inflate! It’s also durable and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by the elements.

This adorable trio is sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees it and create a joyful atmosphere at your campsite during the holiday season.

Cozy Christmas Throw Blanket

One of the must-have camper Christmas decorations is a cozy Christmas throw blanket. It adds warmth and holiday cheer to your RV interior. You can find blankets in festive colors and patterns at stores or online.

Snuggling up with a soft blanket while sipping hot cocoa by the fire is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season in your camper. So, make sure to include a cozy Christmas throw blanket on your list of decor essentials for a festive and comfortable holiday atmosphere in your RV.

Creative RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

Get creative with your RV Christmas decorations by hanging a wreath on the front, using window clings, and hanging garland inside. Don’t miss out on these festive ideas!

Hanging a wreath on the front of your RV

Decorate your RV with a festive wreath this Christmas season. It’s an easy and fun way to add some holiday cheer to your camper. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hang a traditional evergreen wreath on the front grille of your RV.
  • If you prefer a more unique look, try a wreath made of pinecones, berries, or ornaments.
  • Use ribbon or garland to attach the wreath securely to your RV.
  • Consider adding battery – powered LED lights to make your wreath twinkle at night.

Window clings

Window clings are an easy and affordable way to decorate the windows of your camper for the holidays. These decorative stickers come in a variety of festive designs, such as snowflakes, Santas, and reindeer.

They can be easily applied to any clean window surface and removed without leaving behind any residue. Window clings are reusable, so you can use them year after year. They add a nice touch to your camper’s interior and can be seen from both inside and outside.

Whether you want a subtle holiday decoration or something more vibrant, window clings are a great option for adding some festive cheer to your camper this Christmas season.

Hanging garland inside

Looking to add a festive touch to the interior of your camper? Try hanging garland inside! It’s an easy and affordable way to bring some holiday cheer to your space. Here are some tips for hanging garland inside your camper:

  • Use removable adhesive hooks or clips to hang the garland securely without damaging the walls.
  • Choose lightweight garland that won’t be too heavy for your RV’s interior.
  • Opt for battery – operated LED lights in the garland for a twinkling effect without needing an outlet.
  • Consider using garland made of non – traditional materials like fabric or felt for a unique look.
  • Don’t forget to use zip ties or twist ties to secure the garland in place if needed.

Putting up small lights

Add a festive glow to your camper with small lights. Here are some creative ways to use them:

  • Hang string lights along the awning or around the windows for a cozy ambiance.
  • Wrap small LED lights around the doorframe or on the side mirrors.
  • Use battery – operated fairy lights to decorate your indoor Christmas tree or hang them along the shelves for a twinkling effect.
  • Attach small adhesive hooks inside your camper and hang the lights in fun patterns on the walls or ceiling.
  • Create a magical atmosphere by placing small LED candles in lanterns or mason jars.

Using small decorative pillows

Small decorative pillows can be a charming addition to your camper’s holiday decor. These soft and festive accents can make your space feel cozy and inviting during the Christmas season.

You can find holiday-themed pillow covers in various designs, such as snowflakes, reindeer, or Santa Claus. Simply swap out your regular throw pillows with these festive options to instantly transform the look of your seating area.

Whether you place them on the couch, chairs, or even on your bed, small decorative pillows add a touch of warmth and holiday cheer to your camper’s interior.

Seasons greetings with a felt board sign

Add a personal touch to your camper’s holiday decor with a felt board sign that displays festive season greetings. You can easily create your own custom designs by arranging colorful, reusable felt letters onto the board.

This fun and interactive decoration allows you to change the message whenever you want, adding a unique touch to your RV’s interior. Whether it’s “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or any other cheerful greeting, a felt board sign is a creative way to spread the holiday spirit in your camper.

Get crafty and have fun with this DIY decoration idea!

RV Christmas Tree Options

You have several options for decorating a Christmas tree in your RV, including full-size trees, small tree decorating ideas, wall trees and hanging trees, camper van Christmas ornaments, and DIY ornaments.

Full-size tree in a camper

If you want to have a full-size Christmas tree in your camper, there are options available! One idea is to use a collapsible or pop-up Christmas tree that can easily fit and be stored in your camper when not in use.

These trees are lightweight, easy to set up, and come in various sizes. Another option is to get a smaller artificial tree that fits well inside your camper. You can decorate it with mini ornaments and lights to still create a festive atmosphere.

Don’t forget to secure the tree properly so it doesn’t tip over while you’re on the move. With a full-size tree in your camper, you’ll have a merry and bright holiday season wherever you go!

Small tree decorating ideas

  • Hang a small artificial Christmas tree in your camper for a festive touch.
  • Use mini string lights to decorate the tree and add sparkle.
  • Hang miniature ornaments on the branches, such as tiny Santas or snowflakes.
  • Wrap small garlands around the tree for an extra pop of color.
  • Place a small tree topper, like a star or angel, at the top of the tree.
  • Add a tree skirt or decorative fabric around the base of the tree for a finished look.

Wall trees and hanging trees

Decorate your camper with wall trees and hanging trees for a festive touch. Hang them on the walls or from the ceiling using hooks or command strips.

  • Wall-mounted Christmas trees: Attach a small artificial tree to the wall using adhesive hooks. Decorate it with lights, ornaments, and garland for a beautiful display.
  • Hanging trees: Use lightweight artificial trees that can be suspended from the ceiling. Hang them using fishing line or decorative ribbon. Add colorful ornaments and twinkling lights for a magical effect.
  • DIY tree alternatives: If you don’t have space for a traditional tree, create your own unique version. Use a wooden ladder or branches secured to the wall to form a tree shape. Hang ornaments, stockings, and other decorations on the branches.
  • Miniature hanging trees: Make small paper or felt trees that can be hung in various places around your camper. Attach them to windows, cabinet knobs, or even your RV’s rearview mirror.
  • Space-saving options: Opt for slimline or collapsible trees that can be easily stored when not in use. Look for designs that can be mounted on walls or folded up when needed.

Camper van Christmas ornaments

For DIY enthusiasts looking to decorate their camper van for Christmas, there are plenty of options when it comes to ornaments. You can find vintage camper-themed ornaments at thrift stores or online on websites like Etsy.

These ornaments add a charming touch to your holiday decor and make your camper feel cozy and festive. Another idea is to hang RV ornaments from drawer pulls or other creative display methods inside the camper.

This allows you to showcase your love for camping and Christmas all in one decoration. Whether you prefer traditional holiday themes or a more whimsical approach, there’s sure to be a camper van ornament that suits your style and adds some holiday cheer to your travels.

DIY ornaments

You can make your own ornaments for your camper Christmas decorations. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint wooden ornaments with festive designs.
  • Create personalized photo ornaments using family pictures.
  • Make salt dough ornaments in holiday shapes and colors.
  • Use leftover fabric to sew mini stockings or tree – shaped ornaments.
  • Decorate plain glass ball ornaments with glitter or paint pens.
  • Craft paper snowflakes and hang them as ornaments.
  • Turn pinecones into adorable woodland creatures with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antlers.
  • Design felt Christmas trees and decorate them with buttons, beads, and sequins.
  • Repurpose old holiday cards by cutting out the images and turning them into ornaments.
  • Use cookie cutters to shape salt dough into holiday – themed figures.

Indoor and Outdoor RV Christmas Decorations

Hang stockings, put garland on the slide-out trim, decorate the windows, string up solar-powered Christmas lights, put down a festive RV patio mat, and hang a wreath on the door.

Hang stockings

Hang stockings to add a cozy touch of holiday spirit to your camper. Here are some ideas for hanging stockings in your RV:

  • Hang them on the wall using removable adhesive hooks.
  • Use a tension rod and hang the stockings from it inside a cabinet or closet.
  • Attach small hooks to the backs of chairs or the edge of a table to hang stockings.
  • Suspend a clothesline across a wall and clip the stockings onto it with clothespins.
  • Hang stockings from the bunk bed rails or curtain rods.

Put garland on the slide-out trim

  • Add a festive touch to your camper by placing garland on the slide – out trim.
  • Use green garland to create a traditional Christmas look.
  • Consider using garland with built – in lights for added sparkle.
  • Secure the garland to the slide – out trim using zip ties or adhesive hooks.
  • To make it even more festive, add some colorful ornaments or bows to the garland.
  • The garland will instantly transform your camper into a holiday wonderland.

Decorate the windows

You can easily decorate the windows of your RV for a festive holiday. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang festive window clings, such as snowflakes or Santa Claus.
  • Adorn the windows with garland made of artificial pine branches and small ornaments.
  • Attach string lights along the edges of the windows for a twinkling effect.
  • Use window decals in holiday – themed designs, like reindeer or Christmas trees.
  • Hang small wreaths on suction cup hooks, one on each window.

String up solar-powered Christmas lights

Add some festive cheer to your camper by stringing up solar-powered Christmas lights. These lights are perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to decorate their RV without the need for electrical outlets. You can easily hang them around your camper’s exterior or use them to create a cozy atmosphere inside. With solar power, you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries or finding a nearby power source. Enjoy the beauty of twinkling lights while saving on energy and creating a festive holiday atmosphere in your camper.

Put down a festive RV patio mat

Add a festive touch to your RV’s outdoor space by putting down a colorful and cheery patio mat. This will not only make your campsite look more inviting but also provide a clean and comfortable area for you to relax outside.

Choose a mat with holiday designs or patterns that match the theme of your camper Christmas decorations. It’s an easy and affordable way to decorate your outdoor space and create a festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Hang a wreath on the door

  • Add a festive touch to your camper by hanging a wreath on the door.
  • Choose a wreath that matches your holiday theme, such as one with red bows and greenery.
  • Use a wreath hanger or adhesive hook to hang the wreath securely on the door.
  • Consider adding lights or ornaments to the wreath for extra sparkle.
  • Make sure the wreath is lightweight so it doesn’t damage the door or impact travel.


Get ready to make your camper merry and bright with these 10 amazing Christmas decorations! From pop-up trees to reflective car magnets, there are plenty of options to add festive cheer.

Switch out wreaths, hang garland inside, and don’t forget the small lights and decorative pillows. Get creative with DIY ornaments or find vintage camper-themed decor for a unique touch.

Deck out your RV both indoors and outdoors with stockings, garland, lights, patio mats, and wreaths. With these ideas in mind, your camper will be the talk of the campground this holiday season!


1. What are some good camper Christmas decorations?

There are many things you can use, like festive RV ornaments, DIY RV Christmas decorations and outdoor holiday camper display.

2. Can I make my own Holiday camper decorations?

Yes! There’s a lot of fun in making DIY RV Christmas ornaments and handmade camper Christmas decorations.

3. Are there special lights for a Camper during Christmas?

Absolutely, there are specific camper holiday lights and even camper trailer Christmas lights to brighten up your holiday season.

4. Do they make vintage items for campers during the holidays?

Certainly! Vintage camper Christmas decor or vintage camper holiday decor can add a classic touch to your festive celebration.

5. How can I decorate the outside of my Camper for the holidays?

You could use outdoor camper holiday decor like RV door wreaths or reflective holiday car magnets to bring joy to others around!

6. Can I have a tree in my Camper at Christmastime?

Of course you can! There are plenty of options when it comes to Camper Christmas tree decorations that fit perfectly inside campers.

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